The Bus Song


waiting on the corner for the M11
I'm going down to see my baby for a slice of heaven
I'm wet, it's cold and I gotta be there by seven
I want my bus

hey look it's coming now I think I'm gonna make it
no it's the M16 and I don't want to take it
it don't go down to where my baby may be waiting for me naked
I want my bus

well I could run to Times Square and risk the underground there
or I could grab me a taxi if I only had the fare
it seems every time I try to meet my baby somewhere
something delays me makes me crazy oh you know it ain't fair

well you know my baby said he'd give me one more try
and if I was late again it would mean goodbye
and now the New York City Transit Authority has left me high and dry
I want my bus

only one minute more and I won't get there before
my baby says it's over and forever slams the door
I have no more excuses I'm just lazy and it's useless
to explain why I remain such a pain to the one I adore

ah, c'est la vie
hasta la vista baby, it was nice while it lasted
wait, what's that coming down the street
looks to me like the M11 and it's coming fast
it's coming really fast
I think it's moving past where it should stop
unless oh my god this is not a bus stop
it's down a few blocks
hey busdriver wait I got a date
and he's gonna hate me if I'm late

I can't believe I just missed my bus
I missed my goddamn bus
and now another good thing going bites the dust
and I'm stuck on 41st street, filled with disgust
I want my bus


Kelleigh McKenzie: vocal
Scott Petito: upright bass

written by Kelleigh McKenzie
(c) Zatchubilly Music/ASCAP

updated: 12 years ago